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About Us

Level  7 Fitness was founded by Ancil F. Tyrell and is located in Cooper City, FL. Ancil's vision was to embrace a holistic approach to fitness by creating an environment designed to utilize group support, encouragement and social interaction.  “We are fitness conscious, not fitness crazed and we believe that the older you get the better you get!   Do we follow the most current fitness guidelines and protocols? YES!  Do we talk about it?  NO!" At Level 7 the focus is to incorporate fitness into a healthy lifestyle, not create a lifestyle around fitness.  With a variety of classes and personal training options, Level 7 offers something for everyone. It takes hard work to get results but it’s not as tough when you’re having fun!  


Ancil's passion for fitness was developed at an early age, nurtured by his involvement with the YMCA of Greater New York, both as an athlete and coach.  As his passion grew, so too did his knowledge of health and wellness and the importance of living a balanced life by aligning the mind, body and spirit.  As he moved through his teens and early adulthood, he continually learned more about the holistic approach to health and wellness, making major changes in his lifestyle, eating habits and his spiritual well being.


Level 7 is the culmination of a dream that was built over many years from the ground up. Triumphs over challenges are the building blocks for lasting success and what better environment to do that than one with a strong team of individuals forcused on helping you achieve not just your fitness goals but your life goals as well. Its' core is its' clientele and its' clientele is YOU!

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