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One on One Personal training is available with one of our certified trainers. You decide what you want the end product to be. We take your vitals at the beginning so that we can measure your success. There is nothing better than having a trained professional focused exclusively on your development. We set goals together and help you to stay on track.


The option is available for a trainer to visit you on site. Fees vary accordingly. 


Private group training sessions are available with 3 to 6 participants. The miminum commitment  is 4 weeks but 12 weeks is the average to see measurable results. The price for a private group fitness class is $20 per person. 


Discount packages are available for packages consisting of 2 or more months of training.

           GROUP CLASSES


Regular fitness classes offered throughout the day that are focused on delivering desired results to clients. There is a variety of classes to choose from. The classes include but are not limited to, circuit training, ab and core strength, upper and lower body sculpting, and zumba. Feed off of the group energy while achieving a great workout experience.


Please see schedule for class times.



Our specialized classes provide overall body scuplting. It is geared to specific muscle groups to help you achieve that look you want. We all have anatomical strengths and weaknesses. Why not accentuate your strengths and improve on your weak areas. It's never too late!



Special sport specific programs that have been designed to achieve ultimate performance on and off the field. This plan is aimed at increasing the overall fitness of the team participants by concentrating on speed and agility, explosion, core development and muscle stamina. Effective cross training must include a combination of static muscle loading and functional training which more resembles the movements involved in the sport itself. Talk to us about getting started.

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